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Its not about the nail


This is my all-time favourite video. My grandad used to say “two ears one mouth, use them in that ratio” and this short video illustrates perfectly the power of just listening rather than trying to find a solution

still face experiment.png

The still face experiment

Dr Edward Tronick’s clear and shocking demonstration of the speed and depth of the impact on infants when parents aren’t able to respond to their emotional needs


Girl Running in Field at Sunset

Five Ways to wellbeing

Developed by the New Economics Foundation, these five practices help us to feel good. You can give these to clients (or download one for yourself) and suggest that, at the end of the day, they tick off any that they've achieved. Each sheet covers a week of wellbeing.


Butterfly on Thistle

Cycle of Change

We use this a lot with clients who drink/use substances to explain how change happens, but families find it incredibly useful to understand this process too


Brene Brown on blame#.png

Brene Brown on empathy
Taken from her TED talk, this short animation really nails the quality of empathy. Love it


Catchphrase 1-3_Page_2.jpg


A great icebreaker. These alcohol-related phrases demonstrate how ingrained our alcohol culture is. If you have trouble working any of them out - get in touch.


Clear Water Lake

Mediation Technique

Great for developing skills for resolving conflict. I use these with family members of substance users.



Audit Tool

This is the gold standard in identifying risky drinking. Everyone should use this, all the time! Also available as an online quiz here.



Childhood Trauma and the Brain
This is a great video explaining the potential  impact of trauma

Emotions cards.jpg

Emotions Cards

A lovely resource to help clients let you know how they're feeling. Great with children and young people too


Superpower cards_Page_3.jpg

Superpower Cards

There are a million uses for these. You can use them with individuals, families, young and old. Help people to identify their strengths and how they can transfer these to effect change in their current situation. If you're stuck for ideas - call me!


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